I honestly have no idea where to start. My life is changing so much, and yeah it’s quick, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I met my future wife just last July not having a single clue what she would one day mean to me. It’s May now and were engaged and set to be married early October! Her name is Britiani, but I call her beautiful. She is gorgeous inside and out. The answer to my prayers. I’m by far the luckiest guy I know. Everything just feels so right and is falling into place.
“Things get harder at their summit” -that was a fortune I got the other day at lunch. I laughed it off at first, and then I pondered on it for a while. Marriage is one of the greatest blessings in life, and some might argue that it is the greatest thing someone can do in life. Sounds a lot like the summit of life, doesn’t it? If that’s the case what happens now? Is this really as hard as things get? I mean yeah it can be overwhelming, sometimes scary even to think about all the responsibilities of starting a whole new life with the person you plan on supporting and taking care of for the rest of your life, but all in all I think I feel just fine. People ask if I’m nervous. I smirk and say no, but I’m really not lying. I never stopped. I get nervous every time I see her. I cant really explain the feeling, but I still get butterflies in my stomach.
There are so many things on my plate, and I don’t know which one to take a stab at first. I have big dreams and high hopes for an extremely bright future. I think life is like a puzzle with no borders, with open spaces for endless opportunities. Its weird, I used to think that opportunities were handed out and it was our job to act on them, but I’m starting to realize that we are all responsible for creating our own opportunities and then taking full advantage.
To wrap things up, I’m extremely excited for the next 5 months to see what happens and to experience all the changes and new parts of life that come with getting married. I’ve never been happier and it’s only going to get better from here.
Babe I love you, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together. You’re my world, now and forever.


Chat With An Old Professor

So this little story actually starts back about a month or two ago. I was at my apartment one afternoon, bored, and decided I wanted to design some software to keep my skills in check. The projects at my job weren’t giving me the experience, innovative or intelligent thought processes for which my mind was striving. So I came up with an idea and began researching existing software solutions, none of which I was impressed with. I started asking my brother questions about the types of data/stats I would want to keep since be has experience working in the field for which I was designing the software. Soon enough, I had some conceptual sketches drawn up on my iPad and I sent them to my brother for his input. He got a little overly excited with the idea and began talking about starting our company and selling the software.

That covers the back story that leads to the titled portion of this post: the chat with my old professor. I had a couple vacation days left and decided to use them to go visit some friends studying/working at the university, making a four day weekend out of it. Monday, before heading back home to my apartment, I stopped in to talk to my professor. We chatted about how everything was going, you know, the standard things that people talk about after almost a year of being away. Then, for whatever reason, I felt compelled to tell him that story about the software with my brother. So we talked about exactly what I wrote in the beginning of this post, just in more detail. To my surprise, he just looked at me and proceeded to say, “You should do it. Do it now or you never will.” He thought it was a great idea and started my brain running, giving me some good tips to remember when starting out. Whether he realized how helpful I thought they were or not, I don’t know, but since that morning I haven’t stopped thinking about it all. Part of me just jumps at the idea and wants to go for it full throttle, then the other part of me always sees it as overwhelming and gets me thinking about all the downfalls and hard times that would come at the beginning of starting a company/business. I’m not sure which part of me I really want to win, but I think I’m going to give it a real shot.

Starting in the next couple of days, I’ve decided that I’m going to spend my extra time at home, working on this project. With the big or up and coming players that we have connections to in the field we plan on targeting, my brother and I should be able to get any information we need. And hopefully, when we get around to it, they will be willing to help us test everything and work out the kinks.

“Be a leader of your life in every situation.”
“Grab life by the horns.”

All of those sayings that have similar meanings. Lol. Whichever one it is you use, they all have the same meaning for the people that take them seriously. Don’t be afraid to dream big and especially don’t be afraid to chase after those dreams.

Old Friends and New

Wow, it’s been a really long time since my brother or I have posted anything. We’re such slackers when it comes to this stuff. Ha. Oh well. But I thought I’d post something today after spending a great weekend with friends back in Ada, OH. I got to see some old friends that I hadn’t seen for almost a year and made some new ones as well. Saturday night was a great time hanging out, having dinner and some drinks with Justin and my new friends Mel and Laura. It’s a shame I don’t live closer so that I can hangout with these amazing people more often. I’ll have to go back and visit soon for sure.


Reynolds & Reynolds – Job Searching

Driving 2 hours to Dayton for some final skills tests and hopefully an interview at Reynolds & Reynolds. Hoping this will turn into a nice job offer. I’m pretty excited about this company and would love the opportunity to work for them. From what I’ve seen they have a great atmosphere and many opportunities for coworkers to bond. Sports leagues as well as events like cooking competitions. If not just for the fun they would be on their own, they sound like great times and great ways to learn more about the people you work with. Everyone I’ve talked to from the company has been very nice and they’ve been great at trying to accommodate with my free time and work around my school schedule. I’m excited to get to meet more people today and see what the area’s like around their Dayton campus. Oh, and did I mention they have on site workout facilities. 🙂 How could you not be excited for that?! Working out and playing soccer, I’m gonna be in better shape than I was in high school in no time at all. I think I’ve gone on enough now so wish me luck and I’ll update when I know more. Everyone have a great day.

Comeback Kids

Apparently I’m not the kind of person that my friends would think had a blog lol When I tell them I do they look at me funny!
It’s been months since I posted anything, but I saw my brother post up so I figured it was time to get back in it. Got a lot of big decisions to make not really sure how too. Trying to decide where I want to be with school and work is difficult. I’m a 19 year old college student living on paychecks week to week to make phone payments and make my car payments. It’s difficult because it hinders my ability to have extra spending money for the things I want. Shoes and clothes are nice, but I’m really craving some more ink! I’ve got three or four more since I’ve last posted. My inner forearms are done and read “Rise and Rise again, Until Lambs become Lions.” I then got my right bicep done with an icthus ( Jesus fish). I also have my feet done, I got the trinity on my left foot and the words Veritas and Aequitas, meaning truth and justice down the sides. My next move I think is to get the Virgin Mary on my right arm as the beginning stages of my arm sleeve. I need money though! I think I’m gonna try to to start posting more provided I have enough material.

It’s Been Too Long

Wow. It’s been way too long since my brother or I have posted. We’re slacking bad, but hopefully we can start getting back on track. It’s been a pretty crazy year which is partly why I haven’t posted. With all the work I have to get done for my senior capstone project and wanting to hurry up and graduate already, I find myself forgetting about many of the things I used to do. I’ve scheduled myself a lighter semester so hopefully I can start posting more as well as getting back to reading again. The books I want to read are starting to pile up next to my desk and I’m not even halfway through the one on top of the stack. On top of everything else going on, I’m a little unsure of some things in the personal area of my life. Not conflicted per say, but unsure on if I’m really feeling the way I am about someone. And if I am feeling that way, should I even have those feelings for them? Would it be going against a friend of mine if I did? Most importantly, does this person have similar feelings? Oh well, it will be what it will, so I try not to dwell on it much.

Let’s get back to fun and upbeat topics. I’ve recently acquired quite a bit of music from my brother to add to my library and it included some great stuff. Some more Michael Bublé, which is always a great listen. Also a couple of Kings of Leon albums, another John Mayer album, Lee Brice, Paramore, Punk Goes Acoustic 2, and a new one that I’d never heard of – Sequoyah Prep School. Oh and I almost forgot some of Elton John’s greatest hits. I’ve added a few movies to my collection recently as well and there are many coming out in theater’s soon that Id really love to go see. One the top being This Means War closely followed by, yeah I know I might take a little flack for this one but it looks really good, The Vow. I’m a sucker for those kinds of movies and I have my wonderful mother to thank for that. And I don’t mean that sarcastically at all, she really is the best mother anyone could ever have. She’s always there for my brothers and I when we need her, be it as a loving and caring mother or even a friend to just chat.

Well I’ll try to post more here on out and I definitely will after graduation and I have time to do so since I won’t have anymore homework that takes up my time. Time to go to the indoor track meet and hopefully I didn’t miss my roommate run already. Lol.

Its been a while

so im sitting here in the hospital room at the OSU Medical Center with Zoey and for some reason i started thinking about this blog that my brother and i have. i havent been on here for a long time, i really didnt know if it was even still active. im not sure that i have a lot to say. im still in school going to CSCC, it isnt too bad, and working at FedEx, it really sucks. other than that i’ve been alright, for the most part. theres been a lot of things happen that i let get to me, when i know i shouldnt. but for some reason i feel like its worth it…i guess we’ll see. like i said, “its been a while.” i think i need some change, and im afraid to be the one that steps up to make it happen, because im afraid at what that means. im starting to realize that i know what i want and i dont want to settle for anything less. i know that its time to get my head on and focus and start thinking about future. its rough but its real life, welcome to it.
im not much of a writer, this is just how i feel.

First Day of Fall Semester

So it’s the first day of classes for fall semester. I’m determined to get back in shape this year. Up and out of bed at 7:30, went for a 30 minute run, came back to the apartment and showered. Then I had myself a healthy breakfast and chilled in my room, listening to some music. After that I got ready and went over to work for about a couple of hours before my first class. 11:00 AM, first class of the day, Intro to Sociology out at the front of campus. It seems like it will be a fun and interesting class. Then I had Elementary Arabic 1 after that at 12:00 PM. That will definitely be an interesting class, possibly one of my harder classes this semester. Back to work for another hour and then I had Programming Languages at 2:00 PM. I have a feeling that it will be quite possibly my most boring class this semester and I may or may not hate every minute of it. Finally after that I get a break which consisted of calling a faculty member to find out when I could stop in to their office to take a look at a computer issue they are having. Talked to my boss for a few minutes and then I eventually got a late lunch and went back to my room to listen to some music and chill out. After relaxing for a few hours I went to my 7:00 PM Digital Photography class. Seems like it could be neat, learning about the progression of photography since it started and how to compose photos. To end the day I went straight from Digital Photography to watch the comedians that came in to start the school year. They were alright, but I think that by far the final comedian, Geoff Keith, was absolutely amazing. If you’ve never heard of him you should check out some of his standup. Amazing. And now I’m chilling in my room getting ready to go to bed since I have to get up to cover someone’s shift at work. All in all today was a pretty decent day, of course being my last first day of classes helped a little. 🙂

Chipotle BOGO

Sweet! Chipotle was having a buy one get one free deal if you watched a video on Facebook and printed off the coupon. So I got two burritos today. The deal is good until the 10th of this month if anyone is interested.

New Tattoos!!

I finally got them! Got them done last night. The guy did a really good job. Place is called Raw Ink in Ada, OH. Thanks a bunch to Dave for the great work.  Here’s some pictures:

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