Joys of College Life

Ultimate on Mondays and Thursdays from 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm. Flag Football every Thursday at 7:00 pm. Lifting for about an hour everyday and attempting to get in some kind of run daily or as much as possible. On top of an extremely slow Monday filled with lying around the room doing nothing because i did not feel good at all, but still managing to go to the Fitness Center at 9:00 pm for a good lift. Get back to the room, try to get to bed, when the power goes out…but it flashed right back on. We thought it was over. NOPE. The microwave lit up for no reason and beeped and made all kinds of noise, the refrigerator got really loud and the TV kept turning itself on and off. My roommate, Taylor Conn, and I decided we could sleep through it. It seemed possible, until 10 minutes later when i was about to fall asleep…..FIRE ALARM!!! …really? it’s 2:00 am. We go outside and its freezing. We’re in shorts and t-shirts. We decided being kicked out of our room/building at 2 in the morning meant it was time to go to Downstairs Powell and put our flex dollars to work, and get some food. Buffalo wings and mozzarella sticks actually taste pretty good at that time.
We then took a 2:30 am. bike ride to the car hoping maybe for some reason I didn’t lock it and we would have somewhere half way comfortable to sleep. No luck. We were told that there was no way that we would be back in our building at least until morning. So now at 3:30 am. We decide that Weaver Gym’s bleachers look like a pretty comfortable place to sleep, and they seemed to step up and do the job well, until it was time to wake up and feel what a night of sleeping on wood bleachers can do. I don’t want to do it again.
Getting to bed sometime around 4:00 am-ish, then waking up at 8:00 am and going back over to McGregor, where we live, and being told we can go in was a great feeling. It was great until they told us we only had 10 minutes to go to our room and grab what we could or what we need. By 8:30 am. we had been up in our room and picked some things up and got pillows so we could then return to those same wooden bleachers in Weaver for some more sleep time. So there we are on the bleachers again. I am wearing gym shorts with flip-flops and a hooded jacket, sleeping on a pillow i grabbed off my bed and cuddling with the stuffed bear my girlfriend made me ❤ I love it.
I had an 8:00 am Psychology class that I obviously did not attend. Conveniently I emailed my Professor my homework last night before everything went downhill. Were told that McGregor probably won’t be opened back up until after Noon sometime. That really narrows it down. If for some reason it doesn’t get opened back up for us tonight we have a hook up with a much nicer place to sleep. Thanks Greg. Lol
Today is an adventure.


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