My roommate and I talk about how fast college weeks seem to go so quickly.  Although this does seem to be true, sometimes the days seem to really drag.  Today for example is one of those days.  It isn’t that it’s extrmemly boring, it’s just that there really isn’nt much to do.  The weather is changing and it’s amazing but there doesn’t seem to really be a lot of motivation to go out and do anything unless i’m playing some flag football or some Ultimate!!  
      It’s fall time and i love it.  When i need to leave the building to hit up Powell for some food, it’s cool enough to wear a jacket and be comfortable, and at the same time time have on a pair of shorts and flip flops.  I remember when people thought it was stupid to wear long sleeves with shorts, but if the weather is permitting then why not? 
It’s really comfortable.  But nothing beats chillin in some sweat pants!  
        I’m really excited for winter to get here.  Yeah, i know sometimes it can be “too cold” but the greatness of the season itself makes up for it.  It’s nice walking outside and not sweating.  And the air smells different.  It smells good.  It’s a great season.
         Im not sure why I thought we needed a post about weather and fall, but i felt like it (:


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