Time To Start Working Out

I’ve decided it’s time to start working out again. Especially now that it’s starting to get colder out. And of course most girls like a guy with a toned body. Lol. I know that’s bad but oh well, I’d prefer to be toned anyway because I’d like to look like that. I’d feel more comfortable with myself and may even be a more outgoing person. So I’m gonna start working on it now. I can do push ups, dips, possibly pull ups, and ab work without even going out of my room. Then I’ll add a fair amount of running to that and hopefully I’ll be well on my way. Occasionally I’ll have to add some trips to a weight room, but for now I’ll start with the basics. The hard part will be staying motivated. But there are some rather cute girls around campus, so maybe that’ll help me stay motivated to workout. 😉

Well enough writing, time to get started. 🙂


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