So I just had Eastern’s four day weekend of a fall break and i have got to say I enjoyed it.  Of course it didn’t seem long enough but no amount of time seems long enough once it’s gone.  It was a good weekend.  I got to spend time with my family and my girl (:
And i got a new phone last night before heading back to school. It’s really nice.  A four day weekend definitely beats just a regular two day weekend. I’m back on campus now.  Today was an okay day, especially to start off whats going to only  be a three day week of classes!  Now that i’m back here i’m not going to be back home until Thanksgiving.  That gives me 6 weeks to miss home 😦
Hopefully it won’t be to bad, i’ll try to find things to do and keep busy.  And maybe try to find myself a way to make some money.


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