Two amazing movies tonight

First movie was How To Train Your Dragon. It was a good movie. Definitely worth the watch. The second movie was Letters To Juliet. This movie was just amazing. I would absolutely watch it again. Right now even. Call me a sap, whatever, but I absolutely love movies like Letters To Juliet. Chick flicks or whatever you want to call them, I still find them amazing and definitely worth watching. And I know guys call them chick flicks and usually because it’s all the girls that watch them and like them and some guys will endure just because their girlfriends want to see the movie. But you know, here’s a little insight guys, the reason girls like these movies so much is because, even if they don’t say it or let on to it, somewhere inside their heart they wish that they could find someone like the men portrayed in the movie; that they could find someone who treats them that way and does all of those romantic things you all hate about the movie. Haha. So maybe you should watch a few more of them for yourself and learn a thing or two. I definitely recommend Letters To Juliet.


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