I started work today at T.J. Maxx! It was just a training day but it couldn’t have gone smoother. It was really easy and pretty laid back. I actually think i’m going to enjoy it. But I should enjoy it because i’m making money.
My roommate Taylor and I both got jobs there, but still want another way of making some extra money. Because being a broke college student is no fun, and having money to buy things that I need will be nice too. My car is junk, and I have my Moms here at school with me. I’m thinking that a different/new to me car might be coming my way in the near future, so i need money for that. Christmas is also coming up and I have a select number of special people in my life that need to provide with Christmas presents. But that’s always worth it because I love Christmas. Then a very special someone in my life has a big birthday coming up in January! I figure since I love her and, she usually loves me back :), that I should probably get her something nice, and treat her like the Princess she is ❤
So because the need for some extra flow of currency is there, taylor and I are planning on finding a local blood bank and donating some plasma! Neither of us has ever done it before so we don't really know what to expect. But it couldn't be too bad. Could it? I guess we will find out soon. Tomorrow is friday and that's exciting, my family is coming for the weekend. It's homecoming weekend here. It's cool there coming, it will be my third weekend straight here since I was home last, and i won't be home again until Thanksgiving. Weekends here are okay, but they will be better now that I got a job and I will be making some money.

I got a fortune cookie today that read: "Aren't you glad you just had a great meal?"
It made me laugh 🙂


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