It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here and I haven’t thought of anything to post but I’m just laying here in bed and can’t seem to fall asleep. So I’m listening to music and just writing whatever I think of as it comes to me. I went to the indoor track meet today to support my roommate and some of our friends. It was a good time and there were some cute girls there so that’s always a plus. I’m heading home sometime tomorrow for the rest if our 3-day weekend and I have a dentist appointment on Monday. Blah. At least maybe tomorrow my legs will feel a little better. The second day after the workout usually seems to be the worst for me anyway. Bruno Mars is playing now. I really like his album. This song, Talking to the Moon, is a good one that I really like. I think the slow song did me in, I’m starting to get tired now. I think I’ll finish with letting everyone know that I just recently added some updates that I received, from our design editor, to the Polaris website. If you haven’t already you should stop by the site and look around. I still have a thing or two that I need to add, but for the most part it is all updated so go check it out and maybe submit some of your work. Deadline for submissions is February 25, 2011 EST. One more quick thing, check out my friend’s newly independently released album on iTunes. Her name is Kenley Shea and the album is titled Seek the Joy. Go check it out and support your independent artists. And so with that I bid the all farewell and may everyone sleep well as I hope to do. Goodnight.


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