Monthly Archives: October 2011

Its been a while

so im sitting here in the hospital room at the OSU Medical Center with Zoey and for some reason i started thinking about this blog that my brother and i have. i havent been on here for a long time, i really didnt know if it was even still active. im not sure that i have a lot to say. im still in school going to CSCC, it isnt too bad, and working at FedEx, it really sucks. other than that i’ve been alright, for the most part. theres been a lot of things happen that i let get to me, when i know i shouldnt. but for some reason i feel like its worth it…i guess we’ll see. like i said, “its been a while.” i think i need some change, and im afraid to be the one that steps up to make it happen, because im afraid at what that means. im starting to realize that i know what i want and i dont want to settle for anything less. i know that its time to get my head on and focus and start thinking about future. its rough but its real life, welcome to it.
im not much of a writer, this is just how i feel.