Comeback Kids

Apparently I’m not the kind of person that my friends would think had a blog lol When I tell them I do they look at me funny!
It’s been months since I posted anything, but I saw my brother post up so I figured it was time to get back in it. Got a lot of big decisions to make not really sure how too. Trying to decide where I want to be with school and work is difficult. I’m a 19 year old college student living on paychecks week to week to make phone payments and make my car payments. It’s difficult because it hinders my ability to have extra spending money for the things I want. Shoes and clothes are nice, but I’m really craving some more ink! I’ve got three or four more since I’ve last posted. My inner forearms are done and read “Rise and Rise again, Until Lambs become Lions.” I then got my right bicep done with an icthus ( Jesus fish). I also have my feet done, I got the trinity on my left foot and the words Veritas and Aequitas, meaning truth and justice down the sides. My next move I think is to get the Virgin Mary on my right arm as the beginning stages of my arm sleeve. I need money though! I think I’m gonna try to to start posting more provided I have enough material.


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