Reynolds & Reynolds – Job Searching

Driving 2 hours to Dayton for some final skills tests and hopefully an interview at Reynolds & Reynolds. Hoping this will turn into a nice job offer. I’m pretty excited about this company and would love the opportunity to work for them. From what I’ve seen they have a great atmosphere and many opportunities for coworkers to bond. Sports leagues as well as events like cooking competitions. If not just for the fun they would be on their own, they sound like great times and great ways to learn more about the people you work with. Everyone I’ve talked to from the company has been very nice and they’ve been great at trying to accommodate with my free time and work around my school schedule. I’m excited to get to meet more people today and see what the area’s like around their Dayton campus. Oh, and did I mention they have on site workout facilities. 🙂 How could you not be excited for that?! Working out and playing soccer, I’m gonna be in better shape than I was in high school in no time at all. I think I’ve gone on enough now so wish me luck and I’ll update when I know more. Everyone have a great day.


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