Chat With An Old Professor

So this little story actually starts back about a month or two ago. I was at my apartment one afternoon, bored, and decided I wanted to design some software to keep my skills in check. The projects at my job weren’t giving me the experience, innovative or intelligent thought processes for which my mind was striving. So I came up with an idea and began researching existing software solutions, none of which I was impressed with. I started asking my brother questions about the types of data/stats I would want to keep since be has experience working in the field for which I was designing the software. Soon enough, I had some conceptual sketches drawn up on my iPad and I sent them to my brother for his input. He got a little overly excited with the idea and began talking about starting our company and selling the software.

That covers the back story that leads to the titled portion of this post: the chat with my old professor. I had a couple vacation days left and decided to use them to go visit some friends studying/working at the university, making a four day weekend out of it. Monday, before heading back home to my apartment, I stopped in to talk to my professor. We chatted about how everything was going, you know, the standard things that people talk about after almost a year of being away. Then, for whatever reason, I felt compelled to tell him that story about the software with my brother. So we talked about exactly what I wrote in the beginning of this post, just in more detail. To my surprise, he just looked at me and proceeded to say, “You should do it. Do it now or you never will.” He thought it was a great idea and started my brain running, giving me some good tips to remember when starting out. Whether he realized how helpful I thought they were or not, I don’t know, but since that morning I haven’t stopped thinking about it all. Part of me just jumps at the idea and wants to go for it full throttle, then the other part of me always sees it as overwhelming and gets me thinking about all the downfalls and hard times that would come at the beginning of starting a company/business. I’m not sure which part of me I really want to win, but I think I’m going to give it a real shot.

Starting in the next couple of days, I’ve decided that I’m going to spend my extra time at home, working on this project. With the big or up and coming players that we have connections to in the field we plan on targeting, my brother and I should be able to get any information we need. And hopefully, when we get around to it, they will be willing to help us test everything and work out the kinks.

“Be a leader of your life in every situation.”
“Grab life by the horns.”

All of those sayings that have similar meanings. Lol. Whichever one it is you use, they all have the same meaning for the people that take them seriously. Don’t be afraid to dream big and especially don’t be afraid to chase after those dreams.


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