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It’s Been Too Long

Wow. It’s been way too long since my brother or I have posted. We’re slacking bad, but hopefully we can start getting back on track. It’s been a pretty crazy year which is partly why I haven’t posted. With all the work I have to get done for my senior capstone project and wanting to hurry up and graduate already, I find myself forgetting about many of the things I used to do. I’ve scheduled myself a lighter semester so hopefully I can start posting more as well as getting back to reading again. The books I want to read are starting to pile up next to my desk and I’m not even halfway through the one on top of the stack. On top of everything else going on, I’m a little unsure of some things in the personal area of my life. Not conflicted per say, but unsure on if I’m really feeling the way I am about someone. And if I am feeling that way, should I even have those feelings for them? Would it be going against a friend of mine if I did? Most importantly, does this person have similar feelings? Oh well, it will be what it will, so I try not to dwell on it much.

Let’s get back to fun and upbeat topics. I’ve recently acquired quite a bit of music from my brother to add to my library and it included some great stuff. Some more Michael BublĂ©, which is always a great listen. Also a couple of Kings of Leon albums, another John Mayer album, Lee Brice, Paramore, Punk Goes Acoustic 2, and a new one that I’d never heard of – Sequoyah Prep School. Oh and I almost forgot some of Elton John’s greatest hits. I’ve added a few movies to my collection recently as well and there are many coming out in theater’s soon that Id really love to go see. One the top being This Means War closely followed by, yeah I know I might take a little flack for this one but it looks really good, The Vow. I’m a sucker for those kinds of movies and I have my wonderful mother to thank for that. And I don’t mean that sarcastically at all, she really is the best mother anyone could ever have. She’s always there for my brothers and I when we need her, be it as a loving and caring mother or even a friend to just chat.

Well I’ll try to post more here on out and I definitely will after graduation and I have time to do so since I won’t have anymore homework that takes up my time. Time to go to the indoor track meet and hopefully I didn’t miss my roommate run already. Lol.