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First Day of Fall Semester

So it’s the first day of classes for fall semester. I’m determined to get back in shape this year. Up and out of bed at 7:30, went for a 30 minute run, came back to the apartment and showered. Then I had myself a healthy breakfast and chilled in my room, listening to some music. After that I got ready and went over to work for about a couple of hours before my first class. 11:00 AM, first class of the day, Intro to Sociology out at the front of campus. It seems like it will be a fun and interesting class. Then I had Elementary Arabic 1 after that at 12:00 PM. That will definitely be an interesting class, possibly one of my harder classes this semester. Back to work for another hour and then I had Programming Languages at 2:00 PM. I have a feeling that it will be quite possibly my most boring class this semester and I may or may not hate every minute of it. Finally after that I get a break which consisted of calling a faculty member to find out when I could stop in to their office to take a look at a computer issue they are having. Talked to my boss for a few minutes and then I eventually got a late lunch and went back to my room to listen to some music and chill out. After relaxing for a few hours I went to my 7:00 PM Digital Photography class. Seems like it could be neat, learning about the progression of photography since it started and how to compose photos. To end the day I went straight from Digital Photography to watch the comedians that came in to start the school year. They were alright, but I think that by far the final comedian, Geoff Keith, was absolutely amazing. If you’ve never heard of him you should check out some of his standup. Amazing. And now I’m chilling in my room getting ready to go to bed since I have to get up to cover someone’s shift at work. All in all today was a pretty decent day, of course being my last first day of classes helped a little. 🙂